Weyerhaeuser’s new Down Pore™ self-draining technology channels water from the panels’ surface and drains it off the joists below. According to Weyerhaeuser, “the patent-pending technology consists of three specially shaped drainage grooves on one of the narrow ends of each 4′ by 8′ panel. The unique design resists clogging from sawdust or adhesive and allows water to drain even if the panels are not properly gapped. Preventing standing water reduces water absorption and helps maintain the floor system’s integrity.”

Weyerhaeuser also reports their new self-draining panel design can save time during construction since the system removes water quicker it reduces the drying time needed before installing finishing materials. Contact your local Tague sales person for more information on this innovative new product.

Watch a demonstration of Down Pore™ draining water from an Edge Gold® panel in this YouTube video clip: