• Schools and universities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Government buildings
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Office and retail complexes
  • Transportation facilities
  • Hotels
  • Conference centers
  • Religious facilities
  • Theaters and auditoriums

In addition to the great number of locksets that we offer, we can also supply heavy duty keyed and keyless entry devices. For keyed entry devices, we can meet your keying requirements including keyed alike, keyed different, master keyed, grand master keyed, great grand master keyed and construction master key.

Entry Systems:

Entry systems range from the familiar cylindrical doorknobs & levers, deadbolts, and mortise locks to keyless entry and electric access control. When dealing with high traffic areas, you’ll need commercial grade knobs, levers, deadbolts and mortise locks from Arrow, Baldwin, Corbin Russwin, Dorma, Falcon, and Schlage that can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use and meet your ANSI requirements.

Keyless Entry Locks:

Keyless entry locks have evolved from a fairly simple push-button device to the more sophisticated networked, WiFi and PoE entry devices. We carry keyless entry locks from Arrow, Baldwin, Corbin Russwin, Dorma, and Schlage, all of which offer a full line of access control hardware. Electromagnetic locks from manufacturers like Schlage and Security Door Controls (SDC) are designed for such applications as gates, cabinets and sliding doors. Also available are shear locks, delayed egress locks, power supplies, electric strikes, and programmable digital keypads. Completing this line of equipment are desktop consoles along with push-button and key switch combinations.

Exit Devices:

Exit devices are the push bars you’ll find on most commercial doors. These push bars can be supplemented with surface vertical rods for additional security and durability. You can get exit devices in different finishes, including bright brass, dull chrome and bright chrome. We can also supply code-compliant emergency exit devices. We carry exit devices from Arrow, Cal-Royal, Detex, Hager and Von Duprin.

Door Closers & Stops:

Door closers & stops from Arrow, Corbin, Dorma, Falcon, Glynn-Johnson, Hager, LCN, and Norton ensure that you’re code compliant and that doors are securely closed when they need to be and open when you want them to be. We can supply surface and concealed door closers & stops as well as low energy door operators for the physically challenged. We also carry a selection of Ives and Rockwood surface bolts, mortise door bolts, floor stops, wall stops, bumpers and silencers.

Specialty Hinges & Pivots:

For those times when you need hidden door hardware, we have concealed door closers and concealed hinges from Soss. We can also supply ball bearing hinges, continuous hinges, electric hinges, single and double acting hinges, and spring hinges – as well as gravity and spring pivot hinges – from Bommer and McKinney.