Basically, there are two kinds of shutters:  decorative shutters and functional shutters. Decorative shutters are important exterior elements that complete a building’s architectural style. Functional shutters can be closed to protect windows against harsh weather – and they can be as beautiful as decorative shutters. Tague Lumber carries both kinds of shutters in a variety of materials, styles, and colors... all carefully selected from the finest shutter manufacturers in the country.

Atlantic Premium

Atlantic Premium meticulously handcrafts custom-made shutters from composite wood, top-quality PVC, and marine-grade fiberglass. Following exact customer specifications, Atlantic Premium makes fully functional, classically beautiful shutters to complement every home exterior.
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Ply-Gem (formerly Cellwood)

Ply-Gem specializes in classic American vinyl louvered shutters that offer natural wood’s rich, traditional look with premium-grade vinyl’s ease of maintenance. Available in many designer colors and a variety of styles, Cellwood shutters add beauty and value to homes and commercial properties.
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Southern Shutter

For almost 50 years, Southern Shutter company has crafter superior-grade exterior and interior wood shutters, blinds, and gable end ventilators. Its shutters are available in both fixed and moveable versions, with styles including louvered, paneled, and board & batten. Southern Shutter also offers a complete line of quality mounting hardware in a variety of styles and finishes.
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