If you want to impress your friends and neighbors, you can tell them that the penny sizes of nails come from 15th century England and was the cost of 100 nails. While prices have gone up a little since then, now you know why 3 inch nails are 10 penny, 2-1/2” nails are 8 penny and so on. If you really want to impress them, you can tell them why “D” is used to abbreviate penny for your 10d (penny) nails. The “D” comes from the Roman denarius, which was roughly equal to a penny. What can we say… we love our hardware.

Tague Lumber has all the blued, box, cement coated, common, cut, deck, drywall, finish, masonry, panel, ring & screw shank, and roof nails you might need. We also carry Maze Nails for those who need the very best quality nails. We also carry a huge variety of screws including machine, masonry, self-tapping, wood, sheet metal, and drywall screws. You will also find mollies, toggles, and sheetrock anchors. We have plenty of lag bolts and shields, anchor, hex and carriage bolts from quality manufacturers like Hillman. Don’t forget staplers, tackers, rivets, riveters and grommets from companies such as Arrow and Stanley.

We carry the miscellaneous screws you use for your acoustical ceiling tile projects and brands you may ask for by name, like Tapcon concrete screws or Grabber. We also have powder actuated Ramset products for masonry work.

There have been many advances in decking materials and construction methods in the last few years. We’ve searched long and hard to find the most innovative suppliers to bring you the fasteners and fastening systems to make deck construction and trim work faster and better. We have high quality coated and stainless screws from companies such as GRK, Headcote and Starborn. You’ll love seeing your new deck free of nail heads or screws due to hidden fastening systems from Camo, Deckmaster, IPE Clip, Mantis and Tiger Claw. FastenMaster not only has their IQ Hidden Fastening System for decks, but also offers other specialty products such as their LOK Line, which is ideal for structural wood-to-wood projects.

Tague Lumber carries collated nails for popular pneumatic tools including Bostitch, Paslode, and Senco. We can order tools and fasteners from ET&F. We also carry generic fasteners from Northeast Nail and Swan Secure. Make sure to check out our pneumatic tools.

Whatever your fastening needs, we carry all the products you’ve come to expect as well as innovative products that speed up projects and make them better.