As a direct distributor, Premier Door, Frame, and Hardware also handles special order commercial doors and frames.  If you need lead-lined or acoustical doors or pre-finished frames, for instance, we’ll order them for you from trusted manufacturers.

Let our years of experience in the commercial door, frame, and hardware industry make your job easier.  If we can’t make what your project requires, we’ll get it for you.  We’ll also help with take-offs and keying services . . . plus fast, convenient delivery service is available to all our customers.

Doors: Steel & Fiberglass

  • Pioneer  (in stock)
    We maintain a large inventory of Pioneer hollow metal doors, including flush and six panel styles. Steel stiffened, seamless and other varieties are available by special order. Pioneer doors are ideal for the education, healthcare, housing, hospitality, retail, and corporate construction industries. Learn more at their website
  • Masonite Residential (special order)
    Masonite manufactures steel doors for commercial as well as residential applications. Learn more at their website
  • Special-Lite (special order)
    Special-Lite makes commercial fiberglass doors and specially finished steel doors with the option of off-shape frames.  These doors and frames are delivered ready to install. Learn more at their website
  • Stainless Doors (special order)
    When you need stainless steel doors, door frames, stainless steel entrance systems, side lights, fire-resistant or fire-rated doors, stainless steel windows and frames, storefronts, or more, Stainless has the right product. Learn more at their website

Doors: Wood Veneer

Masonite Architectural (including these fine brands):

  • Mohawk (in stock)
    We stock unfinished birch doors and clear pre-finished wood doors from Mohawk as our standard wood door option. Learn more at their website
  • Algoma (special order)
    Algoma is a leading manufacturer of wood interior commercial doors as well as wood doors for special building requirements, such as found in hospitals, labs, theaters, and museums.  Algoma also makes doors designed for extremely high-traffic areas and environmentally certified (FSC) doors. Learn more at their website
  • Harring (special order)
    Harring doors are known for their wood stile-and-rail doors and their panel and glass fire-rated doors. Learn more at their website

Karona (special order)
Karona manufactures high-end interior and exterior commercial wood doors with lots of wood veneer options. Learn more at their website

VT Industries (special order)
VT Industries offers some of the finest quality commercial doors in the market. They offer a wide variety of styles suitable for the finest commercial buildings. Learn more at their website

Door Frames:

  • Pioneer (in stock)
    At Premier, we keep a full inventory of Pioneer frames in various jamb depths and size configurations, ready to be welded to your specifications. Learn more at their website
  • Rediframe (special order)
    Rediframe is often the manufacturer of choice when a job calls for heavy-duty frame applications.  The frames are pre-finished, fire-rated, and easy to install;  they are available in fixed- and adjustable-throat designs. Learn more at their website
  • Timely (special order)
    When prefinished steel frames are needed, contractors turn to Timely frames.  They are available in many finishes and metals including galvanized, stainless steel, and brass. Learn more at their website

Specialty Doors:

  • Eliason (special order)
    Eliason specializes in double-acting traffic doors for restaurants, supermarkets, and other retail and industrial applications.  Eliason traffic doors are flexible, fire-rated, and corrosion-resistant. Learn more at their website
  • Karp (special order)
    Karp makes many specialty commercial doors such as ceiling, roof and floor doors.  It also manufactures security and recessed doors as well as duct doors and valve boxes. Learn more at their website
  • Woodfold (special order)
    Woodfold custom accordion doors set the industry standard for commercial applications. Available in hardwood, vinyl, paint, stain, and laminate finishes, Woodfold doors separate work areas, reconfigure space, and muffle noise; they operate smoothly, quietly, and stably. Learn more at their website

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets:

Activar/JL Industries
Fire extinguisher cabinets from JL Industries come in a huge variety of materials and designs – for recessed, semi-recessed, and surface-mounted installations.  The company also produces specialty models for indoor and exterior use, including the CS series, a sturdy stainless steel cabinet ideal for schools and high traffic areas, and Fire-FX Option fire-rated cabinets. Learn more at their website

Larsen’s Manufacturing
Larsen’s makes fire extinguisher cabinets in sizes and finishes to fit any building and complement any architectural style.  Available in stainless steel, aluminum, baked enamel, brass, and acrylic, the cabinets can be ordered with the Larsen-Loc door style option (breaking glass is not necessary for access) and the fire-rated Flame Shield option. Learn more at their website