Ceiling Tile & Grid, Drywall Grid

Commercial building projects often require suspended ceilings, and Tague Lumber carries a wide range of ceiling products in many popular and functional materials. We also carry drywall grid for efficient and cost-effective installation of drywall ceilings. Let our expertise work for you: we’ll point out which products work best for acoustical insulation, fire retardation, ease of installation, and design flexibility. Our goal is to provide contractors and builders with the best selection and value in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties.


Armstrong is a leading manufacturer of reliable, sustainable, acoustical commercial ceiling products in metal, fiberglass, mineral fiber, and bioacoustical materials. Armstrong panels, tiles, grids, and suspension systems allow almost unlimited design possibilities; many of their environmentally friendly products are ideal for green building projects.
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Chicago Metallic

Chicago Metallic Corporation is a global provider of commercial and architectural building products, including drywall grid. The company pioneered suspended ceilings; each year, it makes more than enough suspension grid to circle the earth.
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USG’s ceiling products are engineered for design, performance, and sustainability. The company’s acoustical panels and suspension systems, drywall suspension systems, and luminous ceiling systems offer builders and contractors many options for beautiful ceilings that function efficiently in specific environments.
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