Wainscoting refers to wooden panels that line the lower part of the wall. The most common types are raised or molded panels, and beadboard (thin vertical boards laid side-by-side; both types can be built with stock components carried by Tague Lumber, including chair rails, baseboards, and the like. When a higher level of fit and finish is desired, custom wainscoting can be the answer. Custom wainscoting is particularly useful in wood-paneled rooms like studies and libraries, where it can be coordinated with other custom features like cabinetry and built-ins.

Tague can make custom wainscoting in any wood species or paint-grade MDF. We can also match the moulding elements of wainscoting with historical profiles.

When architectural accuracy is necessary, so are custom columns. Tague can supply you with exterior and interior columns or, in the case of historical renovation, with column parts – such as bases or capitals – that may have cracked or rotted. If you need custom wainscoting or columns, please see our Custom Millwork Services page to learn more about the process and what to expect. If you’re interested in laying out your own wainscoting, see ThisIsCarpentry.com’s excellent article on laying out wainscoting.