Take-Off Services

Tague Lumber offers material take-offs as a service to the builder. They give us a set of blueprints and we give them an estimated list of framing lumber, exterior millwork and interior millwork they will need for the job. We can also provide window sizes and rough opening dimensions needed. This enables the customer to quote the job more accurately.

Interior Walk Through

Tague offers an interior trim and door walk through on builder’s projects. A salesperson will meet the builder and the trimmer at the jobsite and label all openings for doors and measure all of the windows for sills. We will also measure all of the window and door casing and baseboard as well as any custom millwork needed. We can bid these items with several options which will allow the builder to offer the homeowner upgraded packages.

When our salesperson does the interior walk-through, he/she can offer options on trim and doors depending on what the builder or homeowner wants. We can also provide the proper hardware for the doors with the desired finishes. When we hang the doors, we can use a customized specified hinge and provide a matching lockset as well.

Product Consultation

Tague will meet with you and the homeowner and offer product options for the project. We can tell you which window or front door fits the project best and offers money-saving alternatives to what may be drawn on the blueprint. This eliminates the builder from having to quote five different windows or doors until they find one the homeowner likes and can afford. This also applies to millwork and interior doors.

Structural Layouts

Tague Lumber will send a contractor’s blueprints out for engineered shop drawings to be done. This allows the builder to make sure they get the right products for the job. They receive a color floor layout with all materials labeled and listed with lengths, sizes and locations. We can also have these drawings sealed by an engineer if the builder needs that to get his building permit from the township. This service is also provided for roof trusses.

Value Engineering

Tague Lumber can value-engineer your project. The job may be drawn with high-end wood/clad windows but the builder has a window budget that doesn’t allow for them. We can offer a product that will meet the project specifications as well as price out within the budget. This also applies to the hardware specified on the interior doors.

Please contact your local Tague Lumber sales representative for more details on these valuable services.