Whether you need windows for a new construction project or replacement, navigating the unnecessarily convoluted world of window options can be daunting. If you have gone down the rabbit hole of trying to search what separates the (seemingly endless) number of options available, you are probably exhausted by trying to decipher everything from Performance Grade and Designed Pressure ratings to SHGC and U-Factor.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that complicated! Start by getting away from the confusing ratings and promotional materials (spoiler alert: every window is apparently the greatest window ever made!), and just determine what the project needs and what it doesn’t need.

  • Color/Finish – Start here! Interior and Exterior finish needs can eliminate a lot of options.
  • Material – Vinyl, Composite, Wood Clad, and Primed Wood. A project may specifically require or eliminate some options, and your finishes may eliminate others.
  • Grilles and Hardware – Does the project call for GBG or SDL grilles, or no grilles? Does the project require a specific finish or style to the hardware?
  • New Construction/Replacement – What is the application? Do you want a nailing flange? Sloped sill or flat? Expanders? Integrated J-channel? What frame depth?
  • Lead Time – Depending on the color, material, and other features required, your lead times can vary drastically. If you need to hit a deadline, make sure this is made known as soon as possible.
  • Manufacturer – Just like the auto industry, there are a lot of choices, and they all do things in their own unique way. The same way that you may prefer one auto manufacturer for a truck, another for an SUV, and another for a sedan, the project needs may determine who will be the best fit.
  • Budget – The driving force that never seems to be an issue until the price is on the table. Everyone seemingly has champagne taste and a beer wallet, but the needs for a flip, and those for a renovation for someone who plans to pass the property to their grandchild, are very different (as well as very important to understand).

So, what now? Just call one of our window experts and have a conversation about the project. At Tague Lumber we don’t try to convince you to buy a window because it will benefit us, we offer dozens of product lines that all have different benefits for our customers, and we can help guide you to the solution that works best for any project.

            — blog post by Matthew Schaub, Window Specialist at Tague Lumber in Philadelphia, PA.